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Garden Center Showplace
Serving The Internet Gardening Community

"Garden Center Showplace" was established to provide the Internet Community with comprehensive and detailed sources of information. This information is about all types of gardening, gardening supplies, plants, gardening tools, landscaping lawn care, water fountains, gazebos, patio furniture, in fact everything related to gardens and gardening.

The idea behind this was that in effect it would serve as a complete Garden Center Nursery. The only difference would be that it would be based entirely as an online garden center. In Order to provide an excellent service therefore, we have teamed up with some of the Internet's leading gardening supplies Merchants.

These Merchants include such household names as Amazon and Ebay, and our aim is to present you with an unrivalled choice of gardening products and gardening supplies, together with an excellent and personal service.

After all is said and done, we believe that there is nothing quite so peaceful or inspiring, as relaxing in a well tended and beautiful garden!

Nothing compares in our opinion, to the experience of being surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers, magnificent perennials and trees, set in a well designed and thought out garden landscape. Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, all of the gardening products and gardening supplies you might be likely to need can be delivered straight to your door. Ordering online is also totally secure with our leading and well established merchants

When you browse through our site, you will find exciting and inspiring gardening products and gardening supplies. We hope that the superb range of flowers, plants, shrubs, garden lighting, and landscape designs will inspire you with many good ideas for your own garden.

We feature lawn and garden products, flower and vegetable seeds, flower bulbs, seasonal plants, grass seed fertilizers, pest controls, tools, pruners, gloves, garden solar lighting, the list is endless. In addition, you will find a complete range of garden accessories, and every other conceivable variety of gardening products and gardening supplies.

Also featured are tropical greenhouse shrubs, hedges and flowers, and trees and bushes of every conceivable variety. Garden furniture, bird houses, and top gardening books are available here as well.

Your garden is your personal pride and joy, and you should be proud to show it off! You will find that each item of individual gardening product or gardening supplies, has it's own detailed description for your convenience. Don't forget to check out our fantastic range of water fountains while you are here. They make an absolutely stunning focal point in any garden design. and if you are looking to give your garden an instant transformation, then you can't go wrong with a few well chosen plants or flowers either.

We also have quite an extensive selection of highly informative garden articles from top authors. These are totally free and you will find the link to access these articles on our sitemap at the top of the page. We do update these on a regular basis, so check back often.

We are your complete Garden Center Nursery, and the only difference is that we are online!

So why not browse through our site at your leisure! We really do hope that you will enjoy your visit to us.

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