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Garden Center Showplace is part of a UK based publishing Company called the BA Group which was formed in 1995 to publish and promote many varied and diverse works from different authors.

With the advent and expansion of the Internet, the focus of our Company has been focused much more to online publishing and marketing.

The Company also owns and operates a number of different websites which supply physical products, such as gardening, golf, self improvement, and lingerie items etc etc.

Our objective in this regard is to offer potential clients a wide variety of quality products at competitive prices. Thse products are sourced and supplied by many of the Internet’s leading online retailers such as Amazon, Ebay etc. You can therefore buy with confidence.

This combination of marketing and publishing expertise, has been a formula that has worked extremely well over the last number of years. Consequently there are plans to increase the number of websites owned and operated by the Company.

We do state categorically that the information which we publish on our websites is designed to provide people with the ability to be able to benefit themselves,

Our aim is that it should assist them either in making informed decisions with regard to a purchase, or to help resolve any personal problems.

It is in no way intended to replace or be a substitute for professional advice, and should in no way be deemed to be such.


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